City of Cayce Votes Unanimously to Honor COVID-19 Victims & Survivors on March 1, 2021

CAYCE, SC - The City of Cayce discussed and unanimously adopted a Resolution to honor the victims and the survivors of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Resolution, distinguishing the first Monday in March as COVID-19 Victims and Survivors Memorial Day, was adopted this evening by a unanimous vote of the members of Cayce’s City Council. The Resolution states that it serves to remember “those who have lost their lives and in honor of those who are forever marked by COVID and continue to suffer from the impact of this virus.”

Cayce Mayor, Elise Partin, stated, “This is an opportunity for us to recognize the lives lost and the families impacted by this deadly virus. It is also an opportunity to recognize our amazing first responders and healthcare workers that continue to be at the forefront of this pandemic each day. As tired as many of us may feel over this past year, we are surrounded by heroes at every level – survivors, families, caregivers, our local businesses that have found new ways to operate and community members that show kindness and care to others.”

All of the Cayce City Council members echoed the Mayor and her thoughts regarding the Resolution during the Wednesday Council Meeting.

Councilman Tim James expressed the “great pride in knowing our City is honoring both those that lost their lives and those that survived COVID-19.”

City leaders also noted their appreciation for South Carolinians that continue to follow the guidelines and protocol from the Centers for Disease Control.

“Hopefully this day of recognition will help bring the awareness that we need to continue to reach out to people without computers to sign up for vaccine appointments. I also hope that we can continue to partner with groups like The Comet – and embody all they are doing to help get people to vaccine sites,” exclaimed Cayce’s Mayor Pro Tem, Skip Jenkins.

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This article was originally published on Thursday, February 18, 2021.

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