City of Cayce Implementing New Design Standards Ahead of Schedule

City leaders see no need to extend the temporary housing moratorium. 

In the City of Cayce, growth continues to be met with proactive planning, wise investments and good policies that were created not only for City planning, but also to provide developers the tools they need to capitalize on all that our City has to offer. 

Last night, City leaders held a public meeting for input on the extension of the temporary moratorium for large scale single family subdivisions and multi-family complexes (more than four.) City Council decided against extending the temporary moratorium after approving several zoning and regulatory ordinances as suggested in the Cayce Housing Study

The Study was commissioned at the behest of City Leaders as they desired to be proactive and prepared for a growing population. The recommendations from the Study that are being implemented will ensure the City meets current and future housing demand, while ensuring we protect and maintain the character of our existing neighborhoods. 

Mayor Partin noted at the beginning of the Public Hearing that the moratorium was put in place for large scale residential subdivisions of 15 or more homes or multi-family units of four or more only. Commercial development and those looking to build a home were not impacted by the temporary mortarium. The City is ahead of schedule on implementing the specifics and thus the moratorium was not extended. 


Cayce is a growing community of 14,000+ residents and 700+ businesses, which encompasses a unique blend of historical heritage, modern business growth, and recreation. With our convenient location along I-26 and I-77, I-20, the Columbia Metropolitan Airport, USC and downtown Columbia, Cayce offers quick access to jobs, shopping and entertainment and thus, is an ideal area for growth. 




This article was originally published on Wednesday, August 5, 2020.

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