RFQ for Avenues Area Waterline Upgrade


Project: Avenues Area Waterline Upgrade


Owner: City of Cayce, 1800 12th Street, PO Box 2004, Cayce, SC 29033


Receipt Of RFQ: The City of Cayce request for qualification from experienced engineering firms for the above referenced project will be received at the Cayce City Hall, 1800 12th Street, Cayce, SC 29033, no later than the close of business on August 13, 2013. Hand deliveries or ground tracking services such as Fed-Ex shall be sent to Ms. Tara Yates, Grants Specialist, City of Cayce, 1800 12th Street, Cayce, SC 29033, & all regular mail RFQ submittals via USPS should be mailed to Ms. Tara Yates, Grants Specialist, City of Cayce, PO Box 2004, Cayce, SC 29033.


The City of Cayce selection committee will evaluate each of the submittals or firms on the following criteria:

1.       experience in design and construction management;

2.       experience with local governments and public works related projects;

3.       past performance with The City of Cayce and/or other local governmental agencies;

4.       ability to provide “real time” service to client and projects;

5.       ability to meet schedule deadlines and budget constraints;

6.       ability to provide working CAD data and or PDF’s;

7.       quality of submittal;

8.       familiarity with State and/or Federally funded projects and requirements.

9.       A maximum of ten pages (both sides of the page may be used) shall be submitted with soft cover binding. No hard cover binders will be accepted. Covers are excluded from page count.



Based on these evaluations, the selection committee will rank the most qualified applicants. Upon determination of the final rank by the selection committee, written notification of selection will be sent to all of those who respond to the Request for Qualifications.  The Committee reserves the right to interview some or all of the prospective firms.

For any questions or requests for clarifications please contact:

Ms. Tara Yates

Grants Specialist

803-796-9020 ext 3066

[email protected]


Project Description: This project shall involve the planning, permitting, coordination between land owners/other affected parties/the city, design, bidding and construction administration for the waterline upgrade. This phase shall include Lexington Ave (8th-State), 2nd St (Poplar-Lexington), and 1st St (Poplar-Lexington). The total length of line to be replaced is approximately 2,580LF. The selected firm must have experience in managing similar design projects which require multiple disciplines. The selection of this firm will follow the guidelines of the Procurement code as prescribed by the State of South Carolina Office of The State Engineer as well as the Community Development Block Grant Program guidelines.


This project is being funded through Lexington County Community Development Block Grant Funds





This article was originally published on Thursday, July 11, 2013.

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