2020 Comprehensive Plan Public Input Survey

On August 13th, the City of Cayce held a public input session for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan.  If you missed it, here is some information and an opportunity to complete a short 3-question survey:

What is the 2020 Comprehensive Plan? 
Cayce is a City that is constantly growing and changing.  The purpose of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan is to prepare for HOW we will grow over the next ten years.  The Plan will address nine elements that are fundamental to Cayce’s character: population, housing, transportation, cultural resources, natural resources, economic, community facilities, land use, and priority investment.

The Comprehensive Plan will establish 10-year goals for each of these elements and specify actions we will take to achieve these goals.

Developing these goals is where we need your input.  We want to hear your thoughts on three aspects of these elements:

  • What you like about Cayce right now (PRESERVE)
  • What you think needs to change in Cayce (CHANGE)
  • What you think Cayce needs that it does not have (CREATE)

What does the Comprehensive Plan not address?
Of course, there are parts of the City that we cannot directly control, like SCDOT roads, railroads, and, of course, private landowner decisions.  But we still want to hear your thoughts on those issues too because the City does have tremendous influence and can steer them towards decisions that are the best for the City as a whole.

What is the process and timeline for adopting this Comprehensive Plan?
We are at the beginning stages of this process.  The Central Midlands Council of Governments is assisting the City’s Planning Commission and Staff in writing this Plan.  We expect it to be completed by mid-2020.  During this process, we will have two more opportunities for you to provide additional input and hear what has been completed so far.  Be on the lookout for another public input session coming sometime around the beginning of 2020.

We want to hear from you.  Here is a link to a survey where you can provide your input:  Comprehensive Plan Survey



This article was originally published on Wednesday, August 14, 2019.

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