Annual Hydrant Flushing Schedule

Beginning on July 17th and continuing through early October, as required by DHEC, City of Cayce Utilities will be flushing hydrants throughout the City. This is an annual process to exercise the water system valves for water quality and preventative maintenance purposes. 

During this process, water will be released from hydrants for a period of time, primarily during the night. Residents may notice a slight drop in water pressure while the water is being released or slightly discolored water the day after. If you notice discolored water following a hydrant flush in your area, allow the cold water (only) to run for no longer than 5 minutes. If this does not clear the discoloration, please contact the City at 796-9020.   

Below is the link to this year’s flushing schedule. This schedule is a guideline only. Each year the flushing time varies and weather may also delay the schedule.

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This article was originally published on Thursday, July 7, 2016.

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