The City of Cayce is finalizing its 2020 Comprehensive Plan Update

What is the 2020 Comprehensive Plan?

Cayce is a City that is constantly growing and changing. The purpose of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan is to prepare for HOW we will grow over the next ten years. The Plan addresses ten elements that are fundamental to Cayce’s character. Click on the links below for a description of each element as well as goals, objectives, and key findings.

The Comprehensive Plan will establish 10-year goals for each of these elements and specify actions we will take to achieve these goals.

In developing the plan citizens and stakeholders were asked:

  • What you like about Cayce right now?
  • What you think needs to change in Cayce?
  • What you think Cayce needs that it does not have?

See citizen input to PRESERVE, CHANGE, & CREATE during the planning process.

What does the Comprehensive Plan not address?

Of course, there are parts of the City that we cannot directly control, like SCDOT roads, railroads, and, of course, by-right land use decisions. However, input is valuable as the City does have tremendous influence and can steer them towards decisions that are the best for the City as a whole.

View the plan goals and recommendations.

Upcoming Schedule

A public hearing will be held by the Planning Commission at their November 15th, 2021 meeting at Cayce City Hall at 6:30 p.m.

You are encouraged to provide your comments at the public hearing. Comments can also be submitted to the Planning & Development Office at [email protected].

View the FINAL DRAFT PLAN to see the plan in its entirety.