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Welcome to the City of Cayce

Welcome to the “ALL NEW” City of Cayce website. This Website is intended to provide our residents, visitors, newcomers, and businesses with the information they need about city services, conducting business, or visiting our wonderful City.

Whether you are a lifelong, new or potential new resident of our City, you can find information on our website regarding Public Safety, Sanitation services, Water and Sewer services, the latest news and announcements, and Council meetings.

City businesses and businesses looking to relocate or conduct business in our City, can find information on business licenses, permits, zoning regulations, and development opportunities.

For anyone looking to visit our City, the website can provide valuable information regarding festivals and events, parks, dining and lodging, and local area attractions.

The City of Cayce Council and Staff hope that you find our website useful in finding answers to all of your questions. Should you have questions or need further information regarding our City, please contact us at (803) 796-9020.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about what the City of Cayce has to offer.

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Board of Zoning Appeals 

The Board of Zoning Appeals Public Hearing scheduled for 6pm on December 15, 2014 has been postponed at the request of the applicant.  The Public Hearing was to consider the following:

Variance Request 006-14 [A request for a variance of 5 feet from The Cayce Zoning Ordinance Section 6.7 Table 3, Schedule of Lot Area, Setbacks, Height & Lot Coverage Requirements to reduce the minimum front yard setback (25 feet) in an RS-4(Single Family, Small Lots) zoning district] 

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission Public Hearings scheduled for 6:30pm on December 15, 2014 have been postponed at the request of the applicant.  The Public Hearings were regarding the following requests for rezoning: 

Map Amendment 008-14 [A request by the Applicant for a zoning change from RS-3 (Single Family, Small Lots) to RS-4 (Single Family Small Lots). The property is located at 1419 Axtell Drive (TMS# 004653-07-009(P)].

Map Amendment 009-14 [A request by the Applicant for a zoning change from PDD (Planned Development District) to RS-4.  The properties are located at 1407 Axtell Dr, 1401 Axtell Dr, and Axtell Dr (TMS# 004653-07-010, -011, and 004652-08-025)].

Map Amendment 010-14 [A request by the Applicant for a zoning change from PDD to RS-4.  The property is located at L. Ave. (TMS# 004655-01-002)]


Announcements / News

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