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Explore the Riverwalk


The Cayce Riverwalk opens the Congaree River for walking, jogging, bicycling, and just gazing at the natural beauty. Its bridges, boardwalks, overlooks, and lighted central path will accommodate all levels of physical access. Its design evokes the natural quality and echoes the first riverfront settlement of 1750's Granby. You can fish for Striped Bass in the Congaree or watch for eagles in the towering pines. It is a place of wonder in the heart of Cayce. From the main entrance, you can walk the two and a half miles to old Cayce or linger in the over 46 acres of river park. Historical markers have been placed throughout the park to provide visitors with the background of the area.

  • Nearly 8 miles of lighted, paved pathways and wooden boardwalks
  • Scenic overlooks on the river and waterfalls
  • Seating and picnic areas
  • Covered picnic shelters
  • 24-hour security
  • Emergency call boxes
  • Restroom facilities
  • Convenient Parking
  • ...and, the entire park is ADA accessible

The newly completed Timmerman Trail portion of the Cayce Riverwalk is 3.5 miles of paved hiking trail that runs through the woods in the outskirts of Cayce, near I-77 and the SCANA headquarters. It begins just west of the 12th Street Extension, then runs under the road and continues eastward. At several points along the way, you can get some nice views of the Congaree Creek along with snakes, alligators, and other wildlife.


Part of the Three Rivers Greenway, the Cayce Riverwalk was designed with conservation and preservation in mind, protecting the environmental quality of this unique area and preserving our collective cultural legacy.

The main entrance to the Cayce Riverwalk is located at the intersection of Axtell Drive and Naples Avenue. You can also access the park at the intersection of State Street and Lucas Street. Timmerman Trail can be accessed from the 12th Street Extension at SCANA Parkway or behind the Cayce Tennis Center at the 12,000 Year History Trailhead.

The Cayce Riverwalk Park is open daily until dusk. And the Riverwalk Pavilion is located at the main entrance to the park. This covered Pavilion can be reserved free of charge and features six large picnic tables, electricity upon request, and is accessible to water. Total capacity is about 50 people.

The Congaree Shelter is located at the "T" intersection from the main entrance and offers an unobstructed view of the river. This covered shelter can be reserved free of charge and features two large picnic tables, with a recommended capacity of 10-16 people.

To reserve either the Pavilion or the Shelter, contact City Hall at 550-9520.

Riverwalk Phases:

  • Phase 1: Main entrance is at Axtell Drive and Naples Avenue. This phase of the walk stretches from just the other side of Knox Abbott Rd. to the train trestles near Frink and State Streets.
  • Phase 2: This phase of the walk picks up where Phase 1 ends near the train trestles and runs through the Riverland Park area. There is a new family friendly neighborhood park being constructed there with parking and restrooms.
  • Phase 3: Begins at the end of Phase 2 and ends at the Thomas Newman Boat Landing. Parking is available at both locations.
  • Phase 4: Starts at the Thomas Newman Boat Landing entrance (off Granby Landing Road) and continues into Timmerman Trail.

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