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The new City of Cayce Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant began operation in October 2012 to replace the existing plant built in the early 1970’s. The facility has a 25-million gallon per day capacity and can treat from up to 80,000 homes and businesses and one-half million people. The Treatment Plant serves the City of Cayce and portions of Lexington County.


The facility uses an advanced biological treatment process and is capable of removing pollutants such as nitrogen and phosphorous from treated wastewater, making it one of the most advanced treatment facilities in the Midlands. The advanced membrane digestion system at the facility is the largest of its kind in the world. Membrane digestion represents an innovative and sustainable approach to solids handling by reducing the use of polymers; producing reuse-quality water and lowering the amount of nutrients released into our waterways. A state-of-the-art automatic control system helps plant staff monitor the treatment process and the equipment and quickly notifies staff when problems arise.

The facility will not only provide long-term economic benefits to Lexington County by ensuring the continued availability of wastewater treatment capacity, but also protect the waters of the region from the by-products of this growth.

We encourage you to come by for a visit and see the facility. Contact Glemmie Haimes, Assistant Superintendant Wastewater Treatment Plant, at 803-739-5382 to set up a date and time.

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