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Public Safety Investigations

The Investigative Division of the Cayce Department of Public Safety is headed by Lieutenant Michael Gearon and Sgt. Jimmy Gleaton who are responsible for managing the unit and its day to day operations.

Active reports received from the Patrol Division are immediately reviewed and assigned to the Investigations Unit for investigative follow-up. During the course of the average month the Department handles an average of 260 active criminal cases.

The Investigative Division is responsible for crime scene processing, handling and storing evidence, and delivering it to forensic laboratories, where appropriate. The Division also analyzes marijuana for the Cayce Department of Public Safety as well as for other area agencies. Cayce's investigators are trained in various specialties such as child abuse, sex crimes, arson, sudden death, forensics, interrogation and interview techniques, and narcotics investigations.

Cayce's Investigators work diligently to solve crimes in our City, and work closely with SLED, The Lexington County Sheriff's Department and other agencies to insure it's citizens' safety. The Cayce Department of Public Safety is constantly working to improve its already respectable rate of solving crimes.


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