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Rental, Non-Owner Occupied and Unoccupied Property Registration

The Property Registration Program was adopted by City Council in December of 2015. The primary intent of this program is to prevent problems and improve communication among neighborhoods, property owners, and the city.

The program's goal is to identify property ownership with a local contact in case of health, safety or other code violations that might be detrimental to properties, tennats or surrounding neighborhoods. The program also helps the city keep property owners informed of new ordinances, laws or issues that might affect their properties. The intent is to keep neighborhoods safe, clean and peaceful for everyone. Similar programs have been successfully implemented in university communites across the country.

Properties Required to Register
Only single family, duplex, triplex and quadraplex unoccupied, non-owner occupied and rental properties are required to register. Dwelling units that are not owner occupied - regardless if rent is charged - are considered rental properties.

The Registration Process
Property owners can register by submitting a completed registration form. The form can be downloaded from the link below or hardcopies are available in the Planning and Development Department at Cayce City Hall at 1800 12th Street.

The property registration is valid from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year. A new form must be submitted each year. While the registration application is due as of January 1 of each year, the City of Cayce currently allows a grace period until April 15 before the $100 late fee applies. The late fee is assessed to any property owner who has not submitted the registration application prior to April 15. The fee is assessed on each property that has not been registered.

Business License Requirement
A business license is and always has been required for the rental of property. Any property owner that collects rent, even if it is only one property, is required to obtain a business license. Rate class information can be found in the table below. To be considered a "Resident Business," the primary place of business (or the house the owner lives in) must be located within the City of Cayce city limits.


NAICS CODE: 531110

Rate Class 700 (Resident Business)
1st $2000 = $50
Every thousand thereafter = $1.45

Rate Class 701 (Non-Resident Business)
1st $2000 = $100
Every thousand thereafter = $2.90


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